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Recall Anh "Joseph" Cao

A group of African-American ministers have initiated the process of recalling US Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao, R- New Orleans.

Congressman Cao came into office more than a month ago after a stunning upset. Due to a special election in December and extremely low turn out of Black voters, a relatively unknown and inexperience human rights lawyer won the election over an indicted incumbent. The district is made up of 65% African Americans and 85% Democrats.

What prompted the recall is Cao's two votes agaisnt President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package as part of the Republican Party attempt to block the passage of bill.

The recalling process is daunting since it will required 101,000 signatures in 6 months period. And if the recall proponent succeed at that, and voters approve the recall, it appears that Congress would not accept the result. However, the mininsters press on claiming to already collected 13,000 signatures in the last two weeks.

Even if Cao isn't rec…

The Battle Heats Up for Recall Election

Here is the latest update and beyond in District 7:

1. About 7,000 absentee ballots sent in so far.

2. Over 19,000 registered absentee voters.

3. Total registered voters is about 32,000 (but only 26,000 voters are considered to be active voters - those that have voted in the last 3-5 years).

4. In the last November election, 80% of voters were absentee.

Prediction by LSI:

1. About 8,000 to 9,000 absentee ballots will be sent in before the deadline.

2. A total of 11,000 to 12,000 voters will cast their votes.

3. The conventional wisdom is Nguyen will win. With the support of elected officials, South Bay Labor Council, Chamber of Commerce, lobbyists, wealthy developers, powerful consultants and the mainstream media, she has everything including a war chest of over $250,000. Mayor Reed and South Bay Labor Council already publicly predicted that she will win. LSI predicts that if it is a close race, Nguyen will win. If not, Nguyen will lose by a landslide.

Current situation of both camps:

1. Nguyen…

Madison Nguyen and Opposite Views


A Redux Weekend & A One Woman Economic Stimulus Package

LSI went away for a weekend to Sacramento to observe the State Senate debate on the budget. It was 6 PM on Sunday and all the news crews from 4 major stations were gathering outside the State Capital since 3 PM. But no news since nothing get passed except for some political appointments to Board of Education, Board of Parole, etc... Out of boredome, LSI went into Arnold's office, took some pictures of self sitting behind the governor's desk before one of his staff walked in and asked which group LSI was with. Without knowing which group was touring what, the staff ushered LSI out. Arnold was in the building but not in his office.

On Saturday's morning, Mayor Chuck Reed and Councilmember Pete Constant went precinct walking with Nguyen. On the walk with them were Nguyen's campaign staff and the usual Nguyen's Vietnamese-American media. They knocked on 8 houses and 5 doors were not opened. Three other people who opened the doors did not look please.

It was raining hard,…

Janet Nguyen Fund Raising

Honorary Host Committee

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman Ed Royce , Senator Mimi Walters, Senator Tom Harman, Senator Bob Huff, Assemblyman Jim Silva Assemblyman Curt Hagman, Assemblyman Jeff Miller, Mayor Bill Dalton, Mayor Margie Rice Councilman Frank Fry, Councilman Andrew Do

Please Join us to Attend a Debt Retirement Fundraiser for

Supervisor Janet NguyenVice-Chair, Orange County Board of Supervisors

Thursday, March 12, 2009
5:30 pm—7:30 pm

Sheraton Hotel & Resorts12221 Harbor BoulevardGarden Grove, CA 92840

$250 per person
$1000 Gold Sponsor $1600 Campaign Sponsor

RSVP: (714) 783-7229 or Email:

To Donate by Credit Card:

To Donate by Mail:
Friends of Supervisor Janet Nguyen, ID 1290201
12866 Main Street, Suite 202
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Paid for by Friends of Supervisor Janet Nguyen, ID#1290201

Vietnamese Language Instructor Position

Professional Position: Vietnamese Language InstructorMultiLingual Solutions, Inc.,
Monterey, California

MultiLingual Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of foreign language training and professional placement services for government agencies and corporate clients, is currently seeking experienced Vietnamese instructors responsible for developing and delivering a basic Vietnamese course for a government student in the Monterey, California area.

Although flexible, position is full-time (6 hours per day/5 days per week) from April 1 through December 18.

Frederic HairsonProgram ManagerMultiLingual Solutions, Inc.Professional Education and Training Division (P.E.T.)

Tel: (301) 424-7444, ext. 15
Fax: (301) 424-7331
Mobile: (443) 421-8634