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A View on California

Note: This is from Pat Buchanan's blog. Buchanan, 71, is well known populist conservative. Alphonse Vinh, a reference librarian for National Public Radio and a friend of Pat B. had collaborated with him as a ghost writer for his memoir of his failed presidential bid in the early 90s. Alphonse Vinh is a son of a famous and well respectedVietnamese-American in the community

PJB: California, Here We Come!
By Patrick J. Buchanan
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — In just a few weeks time, California hits the wall.
And Americans should take a good, long look at the fiscal and social wreck of the Golden Land, because California is at a place to which all of America is heading.
In May, when five fund-raising proposals were put on the ballot, Gov. Schwarzenegger pleaded with the overtaxed Californians not to make their state “the poster child for dysfunction.”
As The Economist writes, “On May 18th, they did exactly that.”
Arnold went to the White House for U.S. loan guarantees for new state bonds. But with …

Vietnamese Language and Cultural Instructor

Foreign Service InstituteThe Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the U.S. Department of State is recruiting a Vietnamese Language and Culture Instructor. This is a direct hire renewable position (NOT a contract position). Applications will be accepted from US citizens and non-citizens with work authorization (we cannot sponsor applicants). This position is located in Arlington, Virginia, in the School of Language Studies, Foreign Service Institute (FSI/SLS), in the Department of East Asian and Pacific Languages (EAP). The Vietnamese language program is one of many offered by the School of Language Studies to provide language training and cross-cultural awareness to prepare employees of the Department of State and other foreign affairs agencies for their specific assignments. The incumbent primarily works as a classroom instructor in teaching speaking, reading, and listening comprehension skills to a full range of students at all levels of language proficiency, including those for w…

A View From Vietnam with Dr. Kim Ninh

Date: June 25, 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 5:30 PM
Merchant's Exchange Building, San Francisco

Vietnam is experiencing growth pains and is striving to bring its physical and financial infrastructure up to speed. It faces daunting prospects as climate change threatens the fertile, highly populated Mekong Delta region, which is also facing threats from upstream dams and diversions. Learn more about Vietnam's institutional capacity to respond to these 21st century challenges from The Asia Foundation's Vietnam Country Representative, Dr. Kim N. B. Ninh. Very limited space and reservations needed today. Hosted by The Asia Foundation. non members: call 415 743-3357

Job Opening at Santa Clara County

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society (SCVAS) seeks qualified candidates for the position of Environmental Advocate. The Advocate will promote the mission of SCVAS by advancing our goals with local governments and the public, cooperating with other local environmental groups, and interacting with colleagues at Audubon California in Sacramento . The Advocate reports to the Executive Director. This is a 3-year / 32-hour per week position.The mission of SCVAS--a local chapter of the National Audubon Society—is to preserve, restore, and foster public awareness of native birds and their ecosystems, with a focus on Santa Clara County . Santa Clara County is at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay and may best be known as a world leader in electronic technology. Affiliated with the National Audubon Society, SCVAS is a separate nonprofit entity withits own staff, programs and Board of Directors.


1. Represents SCVAS at government meetings and hearings; works with the SCVAS Environme…