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Diep " Tyler" Truong Interfered with Police Investigation

In a recent article by Nguoi Viet newspaper,, it was reported that Diep "Tyler" Truong had interfered with a police investigation of Citryst Restaurant around Feb. of this year as a city councilman. Truong defended himself by saying that he was just new to the council so he did know the proper "protocol"

After receiving a phone call from the owner of Citryst about police visiting the restaurant for possible violations, Truong asked the police in charge of the investigation, officer Tim Vu, why was he visiting the Citryst Restaurant. The conversation was taped.

Officer Vu responsed by asking Truong if he would like him to stop the investigation. According to Nguoi Viet, Truong met up with the city police chief, Andrew Hall, several days later to clear his action.

Citryst Restaurant is owned by Amanda My Dung Nguyen, a relative of the owner of Pho 54 Restaurant. It was at the same Citryst Restaurant that…

Van Tran Looking Ahead

Last week was a week to forget for Assemblyman Van Tran. From blogs, mainstream news and local Vietnamese-American media, the typical headline was "Van Tran Interfers with Andy Quach DUI"

Tran of course is running for congress against Quang Pham, an ex-Marine pilot, author and businessman, in the Republican primary next year. And if successful, he will have a chance to face the incumbent Loretta Sanchez (D).

The 47th Congressional District, according to an Associated Press news release, has 96,000 registered Democrats, 70,000 registered Republicans and 42,000 registered Independents. These numbers are attained from the Orange County Registrar of Voters. The Vietnamese American voters make up about 10% of the total registered voters. Historically, they always have high turn out and some insiders (mostly political consultants) have estimated that they will represent about 15% - 20% of the total votes, depending on how low the overall turnout will be.

Van Tran's assembly distr…