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Brown Act Violation Verdict and Madison Nguyen

On Thursday, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Mark Pierce issued his order regarding the summary judgment motion on VACNORCAL's Brown Act claim against the City of San Jose and Madison Nguyen.  This is the first ruling on the lawsuit whether Nguyen and city council members violated the Brown Act during their refusal of naming a stretch of road on Story Road in San Jose  "Little Saigon".

Judge Pierce is a relatively new judge who replaced Judge James Emerson who had just retired last month. Judge Emerson was in charge of the case for the past 2 years.  Judge Pierce ruled against VACNORCAL  for an injunctive and declarative relief against the City Council. 

 Judge Pierce reasoned that there was sufficient corrective action taken by City Council when they capitulated to VACNORCAL's demand to have the name " Little Saigon" after realizing that they had violated Brown Act.  Thus, the City Council do not have to publicly admit that they had violated Brown…