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State Assemblyman Van Tran's Doubt?

The conventional wisdom within the community is that County Supervisor Chairwoman Janet Nguyen is the most important  politician as far as congressional candidates Van Tran and Quang Pham are concerned for the upcoming Republican primary.  Whoever she supports will win the majority of Vietnamese-American votes. Right now she has not decided on the matter.

With Anaheim Union High School Board Trustee Katherine Smith running, there is a strong possibility that neither Quang Pham nor Van Tran have a chance of winning in a three-person race.  Van Tran probably has done some internal polling and is this the reason why Van Tran has not filed his election paper?

Quang Pham has nothing to lose in reality.  As an ex-marine, a succesful businessman and with a non-political background,  the odds are he has more appeal to the independent voters and Vietnamese-American voters in this year of the anti-incumbent, especially with Van Tran involving in controversy after controversy.

Van Tran is a wel…

Is Assemblyman Van Tran Electable?

Why do Congressmen Ed Royce, Dana Rohrabacher, John Campbell and GOP Deputy Whip and the NRCC’s head of candidate recruitment Kevin McCarthy and Senator John McCain support Van Tran?

“Tran has already been feted at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s March fundraising dinner as a guest of the committee’s recruitment chairman, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), and he was encouraged to run by House Minority Leader John Boehner and Minority Whip Eric Cantor. He also made a trip to Washington after last November’s election to meet with officials from the NRCC,” from Politico

Far right GOP groups have been promoting Van Tran over successful healthcare businessowner and Marine Corps combat veteran Quang Pham who actually has $36,000 more cash on hand for the primary election than Van Tran. 

Loretta Sanchez must be chomping at the bits to take on Tran.  If the many discussions on Vietnamese-American Internet groups are a good measure of voter's sentiment within the Vietnames…

The Controversial Van Tran

David Bauer, who is based in Sacramento, is a well-known treasurer for the campaigns of many Republican elected officials and political candidates in California.

Assemblyman Van Tran who will be termed out of the Assembly this year, currently has two active accounts: one for State Senate 2012, the other for the 47th Congressional District.  If Van Tran decided to run for the US congressional seat this year, he will face businessowner and Marine Corps veteran Quang Pham and Aneheim School Boardmember Katherine Smith for the GOP nomination. 

Within the Vietnamese-American community in Little Saigon, there are doubts whether Van Tran will run since he could not get the support of the people.  It shows in his inability to raise money despite being an incumbent and the most powerful politician within the community.   The majority of the Vietnamese-American people who gave him money are from San Jose and those who live outside of his district.  Noticeable are the owners and employees of of…

Van Tran and Taxpayer's money

State Assemblyman Van Tran is a fear politician within the Vietnamese-American in Little Saigon.  He is considered to be the "Godfather" and his "Gang of Seven" can make or break any aspiring political candidates.  His main platform within the community is that if you are not my followers, you are a pro-communist or communist.   And he means business for he has great influence over most of the major Vietnamese-American media in OC from newspapers like Nguoi Viet, Viet Bao, Viet Star and a host of radio stations.  Matter of fact, he has his own radio station that his gangs own along with Nguoi Viet newspaper empire.  In the last election when one of his gang members was behind Janet Nguyen in a supervisorial race,  Van Tran did not hesistate to send out a 2-page letter to 20,000 househoulds using his own assembly letterhead to proclaim that Janet Nguyen is a communist. 

Just like any ethnic politicians, he is known to be able to get away with many things within his…