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Minh Duong and San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

In recent press release by San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce,  Minh Duong is now officially endorsed by SJSV for the District 7 council seat.

This was a surprise since Councilmember Madison Nguyen received the full support of SJSV against the recall.  At the candidate forum,  Patrick Phu Le, Madison Nguyen and Minh Duong faced tough questions about the economy and business development vision.  Nguyen despite having many friends who are members of the board of directors, could not muster enough support.  Her political dependence to Labor Unions and  allegiance to Cindy Chavez, the head of South Bay Labor Unions, did not help also.


SJSV ChamberPAC: Minh Duong Secures Endorsement for District 7 Council Seat

SAN JOSE – San Jose Silicon Valley ChamberPAC has endorsed City Council Candidate Minh Duong for the District 7 council seat after concluding that Candidate Duong represents ChamberPAC’s business positions on pension &…