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Jeff Rosen Endorse by Vietnamese-American Community

This is a content of an email announcement by a coalition of Vietnamese-Americans who were at the heart of the Madison Nguyen recall -  LSI usually call them the Recall Team.

" VietvotersPAC is pleased to announce our endorsement of Jeff Rosen for District Attorney of Santa Clara County.

The Vietnamese American Community of Northern California has been underrepresented in many areas of governments. There is a lack of diversity in the Police Department, The District Attorney Office, the Judiciary Committee, Santa Clara County and San Jose government. VietvotersPAC strive to mobilize candidates and government representatives that share our values and concerns of public safety, ethics, conflict of interest, job growth and our community calling card, FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney office has lost touch with the Vietnamese American Community during the last 3 years. Police brutality and abuse were not addressed until video evidence come to light. Camp…