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Is Minh Duong a Communist Sympathizer?

An article recently written by Vietnam Daily, one of the oldest and most profitable Vietnamese-American newspapers in San Jose, raised a question whether Minh Duong is a sympathizer of the communist government in Vietnam.  The article was disguised as an interview of another D7 candidate.  The crux of the article was to attack Minh Duong.  One of the main points of the attack is since Minh Duong received the endorsement of the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, the same organization that supported Hon Lien, the council candidate of D4  in 2006 who is well known to have close tie with the communist government, then Minh Duong must have close tie and work with the communist government.  

Minh Duong has yet to response to such interesting feat of logic.

The article can be seen at

District 7 Drama - Charlie Ly and Madison Nguyen

With a little bit more than a week to go, the city council race is heating up in D7 with Minh Duong and his supporters taking the beating literally.  First it was Minh Duong's mom who had her car's window smashed in front of Minh Duong's house.   Then Dr. Ho Vu, a supporter of Minh Duong, happened to park his car in front of Minh Duong's campaign office recently.  Within a few hours, his window was also smashed.  The police was called to the scene and case report was filed.
There have been a lot of email by Charlie Ly attacking Minh Duong both in Vietnamese and in English.  He flooded the mainstream media,  ethnic media as well as different political organizations about Minh Duong and his business disputes.  The  interesting thing is Charlie Ly lives in San Bruno which is not even in the same county as San Jose.  Sign-in record showed that he visited Madison Nguyen's office at least 3 times last year.  He knows his way around the city with his email pinpoint to vari…

A CIA Spy Working Against Her own Dad and his Government

A Thousand Tears Falling by Dang My Dung