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OneVietnam Public Launching on Juy 19

Palo Alto, CA, 10 June 2010 – Vietnamese communities worldwide will soon have a unique platform for communication and connection with Founded by 1st and 2nd generation Vietnamese-Americans, OneVietnam is an online network that acts as a nexus between individuals, communities, and philanthropic groups serving Vietnamese communities worldwide. Its interface uses the latest in Web 2.0 technology for easy accessibility and instant connections to causes most relevant to its members. Starting June 17, those interested in reconnecting to and strengthening the community can log onto for an invitation to preview OneVietnam’s beta site.

OneVietnam came into being when a group of recent UC Berkeley and Harvard graduates perceived a growing disconnect between Vietnamese communities worldwide. Since the post 1960s Vietnamese diasporas, Vietnamese have spread out across over thirty countries around the globe. With generation gaps widening and geographic barriers prese…

Dam Vinh Hung on Tour in California

Dam Vinh Hung, a very popular singer from Vietnam is doing his annual concert tour of North America and will be in Anaheim and Santa Clara  these upcoming two weeks.  His concert in  San Jose (November 2009) was a big hit.  Dam Vinh Hung has been doing worldwide concert  since 2004.  Since he is from Vietnam, the critics from the anti-communist folks in the Vietnamese-American community have claimed that he is a cultural agent of the government trying to spread communist propaganda.  As usually, there will be a contigent of demonstrators on hand for his events in both cities.   The Santa Clara police department is charging the concert organizer $15,000 for crowd control in case the demonstration becomes raucous.

Renaissance Journalism Center Awards 15 Journalists Vietnam Reporting Fellowships

According to Renaissance Journalism Center

San Francisco – The Renaissance Journalism Center has chosen 15 top journalists for a reporting fellowship program that will enable them to investigate the toxic legacy left in Vietnam by the use of the herbicide Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Reporting Project Fellowship is designed to use the power of journalism to raise public awareness about the health and environmental problems that continue to affect Vietnam and its people. During the war, the U.S. military defoliated millions of acres of forest and farmland by spraying Agent Orange. The herbicide contained dioxin, a highly toxic organic pollutant linked to cancers, diabetes, birth defects and disabilities.

“Even though the war ended 35 years ago, the toxic impact of Agent Orange lives on, damaging the lives of millions of people,” said Jon Funabiki, executiv…