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Musical Performance - "Breath of Asia"

Breath of Asia, “Music of Vietnam” is the first ensemble of it’s kind from Vietnam. It’s combined use of traditional music composed with a modern twist, theatrical presentation and solid musicianship brings Vietnam’s finest cultural traditions to an International audience.

Tearful eloquence, meditative spells, enlightened earth spirituals and technical flurries all contribute to an endless musical journey. A journey so transparent and clever the show never opens or closes it’s curtains... seemlessly beautiful, emotionally angry and monk meditative … join the wild ride of Vietnam.

•Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 8:00pm

•Jackson Theatre, Smith Center at Ohlone College

◦General Admission $20
◦Students & Seniors $18
◦Youth Under 12 $15
•Box Office / Ticket Information
The ensemble features national champion and gold medal winner Van-Anh Vo on dan Tranh (zither), Khac Quan-violin, Ai Van-vocals, Huy Phan-bass and Song My on dan bau and violin. Rounding out the ensemble are Kumi Uye…

Can Loretta Sanchez Ever Be Defeated?

After her impressive win in a congressional race against Van Tran (R) in a year where most Democrat incumbents got shellacked,  it begs the question can Sanchez ever be defeated?

The fact that Sanchez did not even bother to spend the majority of her money is even more amazing.  With two weeks left in the race, she only spent only about $500K total while Van paid out about $700K to cover his expenses.  She won the election with more than half of her war chest unspent.

And according to the only available poll publicly done  (Commissioned by Van Tran), Tran was tied with Sanchez going into the final weeks but with a higher support level among White, Independent and Asian voters.  According to his poll as summarized on Red County Internet Blog :

"........Tran enjoys a commanding 34-point lead with White voters in the district (60% Tran – 26% Sanchez).

"........Tran also polls strongly with Independent voters (42% Tran – 28% Sanchez) and older voters (50% Tran – 30% Sanchez) – t…

Loretta Sanchez and 2012 ??

According to a recent article on Orange Juice Blog about Loretta Sanchez and her prospect in  2012...

"........In two years she will be in a tough electoral battle again. Termed out Assemblyman Van Tran is likely to run again in 2012, for her seat. And today, moderate Republican Quang Pham announced in an email that he is “officially running.” Pham ran this year, but he pulled out before the Primary, allowing Tran to win...."

Everybody knows Quang Pham was running yesterday and will be running in 2012, it is his in blood.  He cannot help it.

The Lan and Mark Beyster Public Interest Fellowship

The Lan and Mark Beyster Public Interest Fellowship will provide $25,000 to one law graduate who will work for one year to provide legal services to and advocacy for the Vietnamese American community and/or other underserved, underresourced communities. The Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California (VABANC) will administer the Fellowship Program.

Mark Beyster is the son of Robert Beyster, the legendary founder of SAIC, the largest employee-owned research and engineering company in the United States.  Mark and Lan Ly were married earlier this year in San Diego.

Fellowship Requirements

1. J.D. in hand at the beginning of the grant period or awaiting bar results.

2. Strong demonstrated interest and commitment in working with the Vietnamese American community and/or social justice work with underserved communities.

3. Unique life experience or other experiences in overcoming personal adversity/challenges.

4. Overall academic excellence.


1. Official Law Scho…