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Field Rep for Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski

Note:  Due to the new redistricting, the new district will contain most of North San Jose and Santa Clara.  A typical assembly district has about 500,000 residents __________________________________________________
Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski seeks a proactive, strategic, and community-oriented individual for the position of Field Representative in his Fremont District Office.

Basic Function: To act, within Southern Alameda County and Northern Santa Clara County, as an official representative and liaison to the Assemblymember. This is a FULL TIME, Entry Level position.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Establish relationships with elected officials, community leaders, business groups, and local organizations.

• Attend local meetings, events, and hold office appointments on behalf of the Assemblymember.

• Recommend and execute strategies to meet identified outreach goals, and track issues of importance to our community.

• Work in collaboration with staff to identify, plan, and coordinate ev…

Ông Nguyễn Cao Kỳ và Hòa Giải Dân Tộc (Nguyen cao Ky and His Reconciliation)

The former South Vietnam Vice President Nguyen cao Ky passed away earlier this month .  He was 81 years old.   Just like his life, his death is a news maker.   There are numerous articles and discussions on the Web about his flamboyant life of booze and women, his rise briefly to power in a corrupted South Vietnam political system, his hardliner against communism and ultimately his return as a refugee in America to live in Vietnam (albeit part time) as a middleman trying to bring American investors to build a golf resort in a communist country. 
What livid a lot of the anti-communist groups is his condescending attitude toward them.  In an interview on 4/30/2005 in Vietnam by VTVI Hanoi as part of a program titled  "The Vietnam War In Retrospective after 30 Years", Nguyen cao Ky did not mince his words (see video).  The first few minutes of his interview is transcribed as follows -
"... I told many Viet Kieu (Overseas Vietnamese) and my former soldiers,  I used to fight …