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Hung Phuong Nguyen & His Libel Lawsuit

In his heyday, former State Assemblyman Van Tran, who was often referred by the media as  "The Godfather of Little Saigon Politics", used to have his henchmen roaming Little Saigon and attacking his political opponents (mostly Vietnamese-Americans)  as communist sympathizer, communist agent or traitor working for the communist.   These henchmen would be paid by his campaign coffer to terrorize political candidates (via radio shows, TV shows, and newspaper ads)  who Van deemed to be a threat to him regardless if they were running against him or not.  Some of the familiar faces showing up at anti-communist rallies and in the news about their anti-communist redbaiting are Nhon Ky Phan,  Ky Ngo, Hung Phuong Nguyen, etc..   

For these people, who also proclaimed themselves to be the community gatekeepers against communism in Little Saigon, everything can be concocted as an infiltration plot by the  communist to bring unrest to Little Saigon. 

Recently, the Little Saigon communi…

Christmas Cheers in Little Saigon

In the wonderful Chrismas spirit of sharing and giving, three organizations within the Vietnamese-American community in San Jose have been giving out gifts to families with kids in the Bay Area.

Last Sunday,  Viet Dreams and Viet Tribune gave out 200 toys at the headquarters of Viet Tribune. Dave Cortese (President of Board of Supervisors, Santa Clara County) stopped by playing Santa Claus to the kids and then honored  Vivian Truong Gia Vy (Publisher of Viet Tribune)  with a commendation for her longtime contribution to the community in general

The day before, Asian American Center of Santa Clara County handed out 1,200 toys in their annual toy-for-kid event.  The nonprofit foundation is headed by Mylinh Pham who used to be the director of Viet Volunteer Foundation.

This coming Saturday, the Viet-American Voters Coalition will also have their first Christmas celebration where toys will also be given to low-income families.  It will be from 9 AM to 12 PM on 2290 Tully Road.