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Tyler Diep Quits the Race for State Assembly

As has been rumored since last week in Little Saigon,  Tyler Diep officially announced his intention to quit the race for 72nd Assembly District.  This is a newly drawn district where Asian American voters will be a deciding factor in the race.   His reason - " A new tactical change and also the situation is not favorable".     He felt that since there are 2 other Vietnamese-American candidates in the race, he does not want to be in a three-way battle vying for the Vietnamese-American votes.

This is quite strange for somebody who was supposedly the strongest candidate with the support of well known Republican leaders and also his amazing ability to raise money.  Within 2 months of his announcement to run, he has raised over $130,000. 

The other two Vietnamese- American candidates so far could hardly raise any money.  One of them is a perenial candidate for state assemblyman for the last 10 years,  Long Pham.   He is considered to be a joke within Little Saigon and has decid…