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White House and Vietnamese-American Petition

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The Vietnamese American community is united in its desire to promote human rights in Vietnam. More than 130,000 (as of March 5th and in counting) Vietnamese Americans signed a petition to ask for the Obama Administration’s assistance in releasing prisoners of conscience in Vietnam. SBTN created a plaque to memorialize this petition and has tendered the plaque to the White House staff to deliver to the President. After March 8, the White House will issue an official response to the petition.
The White House Office of Public Engagement quickly responded to the need for an open dialogue with the Vietnamese American community by hosting a briefing for 165 Vietnamese Americans from over 30 states on March 5. The briefing was a general meeting to educate participants about different aspects of the U.S. government’s work on di…

San José Police Department Recruiting Police Officers

Interested in becoming a police officer?
The San José Police Department is currently looking for highly motivated individuals who are looking for an exciting career in law enforcement.

To find out whether you meet the minimum qualifications and to learn about the hiring process, be sure to review the "Hiring Process" and "Qualifications" at: After reviewing the SJPD website, if you still have questions: contact a recruiter or call (408) 277-4951.