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Nguoi Viet Newspaper and Its New Saga

Another controversy at Nguoi-Viet Daily  has been keeping Phan Huy Dat, CEO and Publisher, very busy writing mea-culpa to the anti-communist activists in Little Saigon, Orange County.  

Apparently, in an op-ed piece sent by a reader was published last Sunday.  The piece denigraded the overseas community as coward and the ex-military people are nothing but defeated soldiers with no purposes.  What made the matter worse is that the writing went on to glorify the communist regime and their victory over the South Vietnam government.

Of course, with a history of stirring the hornet's nest,  Nguoi-Viet has been receiving a deluge of negative responses from the Internet. 

The mistake was to have the op-ed piece to be published.  The person responsible for the weekend publication was Vu Qui Hao Nhien.    Of course, his position as assisstance editor-in-chief was terminated.  

As readers recalled,  Vu Qui Hao Nhien was first to let go after the foot-path pan incidence 4 years ago.  He …