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Should Pham Phu Thien Giao Resign?

The controversy at Nguoi-Viet Daily is taking an uglier turn as newspapers after newspapers in OC are furiously attacking Nguoi-Viet Daily.   The often fragmented anti-communist activists are united and will have demonstrations this week to protest.

Phan Huy Dat, the CEO and Publisher, sent out a letter of apologies on behalf of the newspaper, declaring that the publisher and editor will be reprimand by the Board of Directors.   Also, the letter stated that the  individual responsible will be terminated.

It is no secret that it was Vu Qui Hao Nhien, the assistant publisher, who decided to let this defaming op-ed piece to be published.   Many also believed that the piece was written with such blatant attack on the community and what its stand - freedom and democracy against the oppressive communist regime, that it could have been written by Vu Qui Hao Nhien himself. 

The incriminating thing was  Vu Qui Hao Nhien did not show up for work on Monday, the day after the Sunday paper was o…