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Manh Nguyen, Another Chuck Reed's Candidate

It is now official,  former Mayor Chuck Reed and his hand-picked successor, current Mayor Sam Liccardo, have chosen Manh Nguyen to be the next councilmember for D4.

In a press conference held yesterday in front of the Petite Trianon, Nguyen was elated to accept the endorsement and complete support of Reed and Liccardo.  Notice the former Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen was not even invited to the press conference and that Manh Nguyen did not even consider her.

The special election will be in June to determine who will fill the seat that was held by State Assemblyman Kansen Chu.

It will be another proxy fight between South Baly Labor Council and Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Tim Orozco is a long time resident of D4 and is well known for his activities within the community and its neighborhood associations.   Manh Nguyen, similar to another previous candidate for D4, Tam Truong, is a candidate that was recruited to ensure that Sam Liccardo has the majority in City Council.  He can c…

Major Endorsement for Manh Nguyen

Former San Jose City Mayor Chuck Reed and current Mayor Sam Liccardo will be at a press conference at 9:00 AM, April 15, in front of the Petite Trianon to announce their endorsement of Manh Nguyen in his quest to become the next D4 councilmember.

It will be highly contested race between Manh Nguyen, 62, and Tim Orozco. 55, this coming June. Labor will be for Orozco while Manh Nguyen will be the candidate of Chuck Reed/Sam Liccardo.

Manh Nguyen Edged Lan Diep for Second Place

The official results barring a recount request indicate that  Diep lost to Nguyen by 13 votes.   The runoff in June will be between Manh Nguyen and Tim Orozco.

Nguyen already called Bob Dihllon to ask for his endorsement.  So far, Dhillon politely brushed him off.    Nguyen also had his Vietnamese supporters calling Lan Diep to pressure him to give him the endorsement.  The message to Lan Diep was if you want to be a viable candidate and get the Vietnamese-American votes next time around, you better endorse Manh Nguyen.

With only about 4,000 registered Vietnamese-American voter in D4,  Nguyen knows that he will need to get the votes outside his ethnic base.   LSI has not reviewed the final numbers yet, but from the returned absentee ballots,  about 3,000 Viet-Americans went to poll in this election.  The high turnout is much better than the average 25% turnout for the whole D4.

ALLEN MING CHIU3253.19% KHOA NGUYEN7947.79% MANH NGUYEN1,94719.11% RUDY NASOL5044.95% TIM OROZCO2,24322.01% ALEX…