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San Jose City Takes Back the Viet Heritage Garden Project

In the latest memo issued by the Park & Recreational Department earlier this month, San Jose City announced that it will take over the Viet Heritage Garden Project from  the Viet Heritage Society headed by Dr. Ngai Nguyen..

The project was often touted by former Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen as one of her accomplishments during her 9 years in City Council.  Nguyen was elected in November, 2005 in a special election.  After 10 under the leadership of her most ardent patron, Dr. Ngai Nguyen, the project was found to be  mismanaged according to the memorandum.   The garden is unusable at its current state with muddy and weedy ground surrounding  a partial complete Imperial Gate and an unfinished lotus pond.  The garden is currently fenced to prevent vandalism.


Date: February 2, 2016
To: Honorable Mayor and City Council


This memo will serve to update the City Council and community on the status of the Vietnamese Cultural Heritage…

Hillary Clinton Visits Lee's Sandwiches for Lunch

While taking a break from her presidential primary campaign in Nevada, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to stop by a Lee's Sandwiches in Las Vegas for lunch.  She  of course drew quite a crowd and well wishers the minute she entered the store.  The manager of the store said that her staff told him an hour in advance that she is coming for lunch.

She ordered a grilled pork sandwich and a Lee's coffee.  For dessert, she got a Deli Manjoo.